Rycote timeline of innovation

The innovative, straightforward approach to problem-solving that led to the creation of the first Rycote windshields – made by professionals, for professionals – still drives the company over 40 years later..


Rycote founded by sound recordist John Gozzard. The company is named after a contraction of the name of his home, 'Rylands Cottage'.

The latest Rycote Windjammer design is featured on the BBCs Tomorrows World, thanks to a sound engineer working on the programme, who proposes it as an example of advanced UK design and technology.

Rycote introduces the first Softie windshield for on-camera microphones.

The first Mini Windjammer is launched, designed for the built-in microphones on the new generation of portable video camcorders.

The Modular Suspension System, with its range of different Connbox connectors, begins shipping. The Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is awarded to Vivienne Dyer and Rycotes Chief Designer Chris Woolf for this product the following year.

Extending the concept of the versatile Modular Suspension System, the Modular Windshield System is launched.

A range of noise-reducing Personal Microphone Solutions is launched for Lavalier microphones worn on clothing, including Undercovers, Stickies and Overcovers.

The InVision range of suspensions for discreet small-diaphragm broadcast microphones begins shipping, using the Lyre design.

The Universal Camera Kit is announced: an affordable combined windshield and suspension system for high-quality on-camera Camcorder microphones.

The long-awaited Rycote InVision USM ships. A universal version of the InVision microphone shock-mount with no elasticated parts, it is suitable foralmost any high-quality large-diaphragm recording microphone, and rewrites the rulebook on low-noise microphone suspensions.

The Cyclone is the result of more than a decade of continuous development. Featuring a durable, lightweight design, complete windshield and suspension system, with unique, modern design delivers groundbreaking wind and shock protection A entirely new standard of reduction in levels of wind and handling noise for audio professionals. The Cyclone, designed for the future, but ready to use today.