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  • Shotgun Mic
  • Small Diaphragm Condenser
  • Large Studio Mic
  • Stereo Mic
  • Lavalier
  • Stereo Combinations
  • Handheld/Reporter Mic
  • Portable Recorder
  • Camcorder/HDSLR
  • Camera HotShoe Mic
  • Smart Phone/Tablet

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  • Broadcast, Film & ENG
  • Audio for Video & HDSLR
  • Studio & Live Sound

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Windshield Solutions

Rycote pioneered a new standard for windshield systems in 1969. Through constant engineering advancements, Rycote has evolved the gold standard that is trusted by professionals for outstanding wind and shock isolation while withstanding the extremes of field production sound. Available as an individual product, or as a kit with Lyre Shock Mount suspension technology.