We would like to thank all our customers for their continuing support. The tremendous feedback below reflects only some of the positive responses which we have received during the past year. If you would like to share your own Rycote experience then please do not hesitate to contact us.


As a stills photographer who has been making the transition over to video during the last few years, Rycote has quickly become a first port of call. As a solo-shooter working in all types of conditions, light, durable and high quality equipment is essential. Having recently acquired my first boom from Rycote, the A3 boom pole, fits the bill perfectly. Small and light enough to carry solo, and with an aircraft grade aluminum construction it's going to stay in my kit (and in one piece!) for years to come. The locking mechanism is also very nifty for fast reliable operation as a soloist!

Felix Clay Photography, http://www.felixclay.com

"I bought the Rycote InVision Studio Kit to replace a rather worn and unreliable Neumann shockmount, and am extremely impressed with it. Great build quality, easy to use, looks super-cool, and isolates better than any other shockmount I've ever owned. As an added bonus, all my LDC's and larger ribbon mics all fit inside so I'm able to use it with way more mics than just the Neumann. The pop filter is fantastic, as well... sounds better than any of the fabric or metal ones I own. It stops way more air from hitting the mic, yet sounds clearer... plus, you get an extra filter element... and it's washable!"

B&H customer, http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766037-REG/Rycote_045002_InVision_Studio_Kit_with.html

“I now have this problem solving product permanently attached to my Tascam DR-07 hand held recorder, having recorded artists and bands around the world, the difference is quite amazing. I would often be interviewing in the past, knowing full well that the play back would be seriously marred with annoying loud thumps and bumps, enhanced through speakers and headphones. Rycotes Portable Suspension Kit with its soft grip extension handle and the unique ‘Lyres, offers supreme isolation against unwanted, unavoidable handling noises whilst recording with hand held recorders, its certainly made my life easier, and thanks to the slip-on Windjammer, outdoor recordings have also dramatically improved."

Lars Mullen, Music journalist., www.larsmullen.co.uk

"I recently purchased a INV-8 wish to thank your company for the excellent product. It fits my vintage (1959) mic, the AKG C28a perfectly."

Deon Dieleman, Freelance Recording Engineer GB,

‘Shooting handheld I used the portable recorder audio kit on top of my 7D and didnt suffer any of the usual handling noise. I also had a NTG3 connected with the universal camera kit suspension which also gave me clean sound. The only thing I need to get now is a very short XLR cable!

Dave Reeve, www.kingchainproductions.com

"Since using the rycote portable recorder suspension system I couldnt imagine shooting without it. The simplicity and incredible durability of this unique device is what makes this an essential bit of kit for every producer who cares about great quality sound."

Stefan Michalak, Heat Magazine,

"Thanks again for sending me a set of Lyres - i am really impressed with them. They have significantly reduced the amount of handling noise i get when using the boom, i've really noticed a difference. They are so flexible - i've not come across Hytrel before as far as i'm aware, but it really does the job well, and it's also made it easier to transport the suspension without fear of the plastic rings getting broken; i cracked one on a flight once, and apart from the fact that it diminished the effectiveness of the suspension, they weren't cheap to replace either! I'm really pleased with them - excellent work by Rycote, as ever."

Matthew Share, Sound Recordist / Sound Mixer, www.electronicmath.com

“At Endeavour Blue productions, we specialise in filming boats in all kinds of locations and weather conditions. We need to hear presenters clearly and in a force 6 wind, this can be a rather big challenge. We use Rycote Overcovers and the results are spectacular. Not only can we show the thrill of sailing we can hear our contributors! We have used the Overcovers all around the coast of England, Europe and even during a sailing trip across the Atlantic."

Steve Adamx, Executive Producer, Endeavour Blue Productions., http://endeavourblue.co.uk/

"Just a very quick email to say thank you for the great service! I really appreciate the quick turn around."

Paul Thompson, Sound recordist,

"Just wanted to let you know that I got one of your (USM) shock mounts when I got a subscription to SOS magazine. It's the BEST shock mount ever made! I fits my 414 and U87 and everything in my mic closet. Way too good to be given out for free!!!! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! This mount is truly awesome. I was looking for a U87 mount and they're $350 and a 1-trick pony. This thing is incredible and works on everything".

Fred Coury - drummer for band Cinderella, engineer/producer at Double Forte Music,

“I have used Rycote products since the 1960's. They are superb and have never let me down, even in high rain and I get wet, and their service is second to none, nothing is too much trouble for them."

Chris Gurney, AMPS Boom operator.,

“Rycote stickies and overcovers have revolutionised the way I work with personal mics. They are the first thing I reach for."

Andy Hawley, Sound Recordist.,

“I couldnt have afforded to go to film school without Rycotes help, now Ive graduated and entered the world of freelance Rycote equipment is an absolute essential part of my kit, especially the personal mic furries. On a windy day theyve saved my bacon on so many occasions!"

Laura Fairbanks, Sound Recordist.,

“In my opinion Rycote are the most helpful friendly company in the TV broadcast sound business."

Vaughan Roberts B.Eng MIBS AMPS, Sound Recordist.,

“Consistently excellent service."

Steve Phillips, Sound Recordist.,

“Im based in Cardiff and have done a lot of recordings on various hillsides throughout Wales, this wouldnt have been possible without the Rycote windjammer, which kept the recordings free from wind noise. This is an innovative company who are very easy to deal with, and manage to come up with interesting items to make my work easier."

Alun Protheroe, Sound Recordist.,

“I have used Rycote products for 20 years. There is no alternative that comes even close. Rycote stickies and undercovers, a must have addition to the sound department. Great products. Great Staff."

David Lascelles, Production Sound Mixer.,

“Rycote listen to their customers and provide products that really work in the field."

Mary Milton, MIBS,

“The people from Rycote always provide an excellent and very friendly service."

John Lewis, AMPS,

“Rycote provide the best pro mic suspensions and windshields in the business!"

Ron Garson AMPS, Sound mixer/recordist.,

“Rycote products set the bar in terms of quality. Robust, well engineered and my best friend on a windy day! "

Stuart Piggott, Sound Recordist.,

“Fantastic furry fings, from a wonderfully friendly company."

James How, Sound Recordist.,

“I was amazed at the results my Boom Operators achieved using your incredibly effective microphone wind covers for personal microphones, sometimes the actors could hardly stand in the wind but still the dialogue cut through."

Martin Trevis, AMPS/CAS,

“Ive used Rycote products on all of the Top Gear specials, the North pole, Botswana and recently Vietnam, they did not let me down, its as simple as that."

Russell Edwards, Sound Recordist.,

“Un maître qui a formé beaucoup délèves - a schoolmaster who has educated many pupils."

Hervé, Video Plus, Saint Ouen.,

“‘Au début, la bonnette Rycote était un produit, aujourdhui cest une référence - in the beginning, the Rycote windshield was a product, today it is a reference."

Gérard, Video Plus, Saint Ouen.,

“I use Rycote stickies every working day of my life. I just wish Id invented them."

Kiff McManus, Sound Recordist.,

“Rycote products are top quality, light, aesthetic, and durable."

Roberto Herzberg, Audio Engineer, Chief of Audio Department, Channel 13 UCTV – Chile.,

“I think all Production Sound Mixers would agree Rycotes innovations over the years with mic suspensions and in particular the Windjammer have allowed us to achieve results that years ago would not have been possible."

Clive Copland, AMPS,

“The new range of suspension lyres not only improve handling noise, but they also reduce the weight of your rig. Every little helps."

Andy Hawley, Sound Recordist.,

“Its hard to think of something as small as the InVision shock mount making such a big difference to my everyday work. Why did I put off finding a better mount for so long."

Chris Bollard, Sound Recordist.,

“Ive been using Rycote products for over 22 years, their quality and standards are so high along with great back up. New products and tweaks to the existing range maintain their continued success."

Kevin Meredith, Freelance Sound Recordist.,

“My Rycote wind shield kit is possibly the most vital and versatile pieces of equipment in my recording arsenal I simply wouldnt be able to do my job effectively without it."

Nathan Gokhool, Sound recordist/Sound Designer.,

“Rycote has made my career. Travelling the world, microphones and I have worked everywhere, with everyone in every condition and Rycote products never fail to impress or deliver the results needed."

Martin Folkes, Location sound recordist. About A Girl BAFTA 2002 Best Short Film Winner.,

“Rycote are a friendly and helpful company with good products, a knowledgeable and helpful staff, with a fast and reliable delivery service."

Derek Maidment, Proprietor, DJM VIdeo Productions.,

“I am so pleased I bought these new Lyre mounts they are a dream to work with. Something so simple works beautifully, believe me, they are fantastic."

Jonathan Mitchell, Sound Recordist.,

“Helpful, local and the best at what they do!"

Steve Holland, Freelance cameraman to BBC, Sky and ITV news.,

“Always friendly, always reliable and always personal service. Without question their products are the most well thought out and useful sound products I buy."

David Thompson, Sound Recordist.,

“Rycote are always willing to go that extra mile to help out - no matter what it takes."

Vaughan Roberts B.Eng MIBS AMPS, Sound Recordist.,

“Ive always used Rycote suspensions from the very start of my career, and after 30 years I still have some of those original suspensions together with the Rycote baskets. Working on TV Dramas I use the latest Rycote suspensions for my Schoeps CMIT microphones, but I am loth to throw the originals away because they still work! The new suspensions and baskets are better, but there isnt much wrong with the originals!"

Ian Richardson, AMPS,

“For mic suspensions and windshields, Rycote is the industry standard!"

Ron Garson AMPS, Sound mixer/recordist.,

“Let it blow, let it blow. My mic is cozy inside my Rycote you know."

Roger Banks, Sound Recordist.,

“If its mine, and its a microphone, and its in a mount - then its in a Rycote mount!"

Simon Bishop, Sound Recordist.,

“Try using Rycote Overcovers underneath clothing. Theyre great for minimizing rustle."

Andy Hawley, Sound Recordist.,

“Over the many years, all my experiences with Rycote have been very positive, and the company has a clear understanding of the needs of the industry and fulfils them in inventive ways. What more can I say but thank you!"

Sandy MacRae AMPS, Production Sound Mixer (Retired).,

“Great products and great people to deal with."

Roger Slater AMPS, Production Sound Mixer.,

“Great old fashioned British customer service as it should be."

Keith Rodgerson, Sound Recordist.,

“Rycotes new Invision suspension has solved the problem of handling noise on some of my most sensitive condensor boom mics."

Jonathan Chiles, Sound Mixer.,

“Rycote is the Rolls Royce of the sound companies."

Vaughan Roberts B.Eng MIBS AMPS, Sound Recordist.,

“Rycote products are always high quality and with careful design features to ensure that they do the job intended, with superb backup and assistance. I have used them for 25 years."

Dave Williams, WSRS Sound Recordist.,

“Rycote products are innovative and impeccably engineered, their back up is first class."

Roger Long, Sound Recordist.,

“Rycote are always very informative & helpful with all enquiries dealt with promptly. Superb Products, quick deliveries on lines ordered, & an ultra friendly, & helpful staff at all times."

Ken J Larkman-Cooper, Freelance Movie Cameraman Reminiscence & DJM Films UK.,

“Rycote manage to balance perfectly the aspects of practical technical application and fantastic customer care - they are always my first choice."

Jamie Gambell, BA AMPS, Production Sound Mixer.,

“I have used Rycote products for close to 30 years and they work! Plus, like all good companies they are constantly researching how to supply us with new and better products."

Jeff Matthews, AMPS,

“Rycote equipment is well designed, and strong enough for use by our Students."

Colin Gilchrist MIBS, Technical Team Leader, Faculty of Media, Arts and Society, Southampton Solent University.,

“The windjammer has made my job possible over the last 30 years."

Steve Thomas, MIBS Production Sound Mixer.,

“In all my years working as a location soundman, Rycote equipment has been my choice!"

Ron Garson AMPS Sound mixer/recordist.,

“Excellent products and service to match."

Michael Oates MSc.,

“A very friendly and helpful company to deal with - great innovative products - good prices - says it all."

Robin Thompson, Sound Recordist/Supervisor MIBS.,

“Rycotes technical assistance and support is only surpassed by the quality of their products."

Andrew Felton, Felton audio.,

“I have used Rycote products since the seventies - theyre great and always improving."

Vaughan Roberts B.Eng MIBS AMPS, Sound Recordist.,

“No other mount isolates my Schoeps CCMs from handling noise as efficiently as an Invision. Handling noise from the boom is eliminated."

Tim White, AMPS,

“Windshielding and shockmounting may not be appear particularly sophisticated in this computer age, but look again! This really is cutting edge science and technology which makes a far bigger difference in many cases than the choice of microphone. Rycote leads the field with ground breaking original designs - but at realistic and affordable prices and with attentive service."

Hugh Robjohns, MIBS, Editor Line Up.,

“Rycotes attention to their end users is always very much appreciated and no doubt enables them to make better products."

Jonathan Chiles, Sound Mixer.,

“Its always a pleasure to work with people dedicated to their products and to the users needs. Rycote is the perfect example of a specialist manufacturer giving this tiny minority called “professional audio engineers" the essential tools to enable them to reach best possible audio quality, even in the most aggravating of circumstances. Good work!"

Martin Schneider, Georg Neumann GmbH.,

“If you look up the phrase “industry standard" in the dictionary theres a picture of the Rycote logo."

Ty Ford, www.tyford.com

“We, Sanken Microphone are very happy to say that we have had a very good relationship with Rycote for many years. They are very much professional in vibration and wind noise mechanism and physics. Sanken always put confidence in their technology to ensure the best performance of Sanken microphones. Rycote has never fallen short of my expectations. They are not only an inventor but an innovator."

Minoru Kobayashi, Sanken Microphones.,

“Many Thanks for your outstanding support!"

Roland Winkler, South Pole 2008.,